Introducing: Vintage Maroon

by Nov 25, 2020

We often see people debating their all-time Hearts XIs, with the same successful Hearts squads often heavily represented in most. However, what if you were allowed just one player from any given season? 

The likes of Rudi and Robbo are always popular picks, but which version of those players – their vintage, if you will – would you choose? With 17 separate seasons on the shelf, which John Robertson stands out? If offered a choice between the 2005/06 and 2011/12 Skacels, which appeals more to your palate?

In this series, I’m asking Hearts fans to pick their “Vintage Hearts XI”. The only caveat: a limit of one player from any given season. Beyond that, the selection criteria is entirely down to personal preference and not necessarily centred on “the best” team. 

What I hope that inspires is a variety of teams made up of club legends, cult heroes, colourful characters, one-season wonders, childhood favourites, players from different eras who would have complemented each other in the same side, players associated with fond personal memories and any other reasons that spring to mind.

This is as much about the stories behind the selections than the selections themselves. I hope you enjoy them.

Kicking us off is Andrew-Henry Bowie, author of the brilliant Two Miles to Tynecastle.