Robbie’s Audition

Assuming Robbie remains, the squad won't be the only thing needing rebuilt - his reputation and relationship with the fans will be in need of greater repair.

Never mind the Easter eggs, it’s high time heads rolled at Hearts

Afternoon all. I’d like to start off today’s piece by paying tribute to an absolutely wonderful tweet many of you will have seen over the weekend, which appeared in response to Robbie Neilson’s post-match...

The Purse String Protest

When the Hearts players were left to stand and survey Celtic’s celebrations back in December after coming so close to securing last season’s Scottish Cup, many of us noticed the raw emotion etched on...

The biggest shock in Scottish Cup history and we all saw it coming

The papers will talk about it being the biggest upset in the competition's history, but as Martin Taylor writes, no Hearts fan is the least bit surprised.